Outside of Tegucigalpa–Fundacion Cristo de El Picacho

These kids are planting trees in the surrounding community. They have also helped build a community park and are working on building there own soccer field–This includes leveling a ten degree hill slope, removing brush and trees and creating a solid path (including a bridge) all by hand.

La Venta–Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos

Kids are working with the neighboring communities. Soccer, though competitive, brings people in these rural areas together like few other things.


Near Ensenada–Estado 29 orphanage

The kids were working on a clean up of the community in August 2005 and August 2006.

Tijuana — Esperanza International

These kids will be planting trees in their community with the help of The Futbol Project


Rio De Janiero–Meninos de Luz School

The kids painted part of the school in August of 2006.


Cape Town–The Ark Homeless Shelter and Orphanage

The kids did some grounds clean up in around where they play soccer.


Drakes Bay, Osa Peninsula–Nature kids

The kids are working on educational projects with other indigenous kids in that area. They also did six weekends of trash clean up in their community.

UGANDA (Pictures coming soon)

Eastern Uganda

Working with Sammy’s Children Centre in Eastern Uganda, the kids will be painting their school this year. TFP will be donating all of the supplies and soccer equipment for the kids.




Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Orphanage Moyogalpa, Nicaragua

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